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About Us

Gopi Skirts or Lengha is an easy version of Saree and is very admirable and astonishing. It's a fine creation that gives that sensuous and caring touch, feminine appeal and above all gives its wearer, that special sparkle and charm. It has been a part of the Indian and sub-continent for ages and today it stands tall among the galaxy of women's wear. It has withstood the ravages of time, seen through dynasties and has emerged unscathed in spite of having the hardest of time. Its timeless appeal is beyond compare. Its history, growth, and what make it so alluring is a subject of fascination and queries. It's worthwhile to make a thorough read up of the same.  Records reveal that it has the oldest existence in the world of garments.

Its origin goes back to 5,000 years ago; mentioned in the great masterpiece Vedas, a literature that is the oldest, way back in 3,000 BC.

GOPI-SKIRT - LENGHA - SAREE, the world's oldest surviving garment, and is still the most fashionable outfit for Indian marriages and brides from different regions. Even colors and patterns woven in various fabrics of saree or gopi-skirt, signify many beliefs embedded in eastern culture.

What Makes it So Popular and Appealing

The structure and layout of the garment just fits in with the physical appearance of a Indian or any women.

It is a graceful, decent, enchanting, and easily wearable garment, which presents the timeless beauty and striking appeal of woman. Women just love it for its aesthetic appearance and if the garment is devised in a properly structured manner, then women find it all the more appealing.

Gopi-skirt or Lengha or Saree, fits with ease and comfort the need of any women since it can be worn in several ways as status, age, occupation, region and religion of a woman.

Indian woman are acknowledged in the world for their beauty, and this is amplified further when they are decked up in an alluring manner. Towards this endeavor, Saree or Gopi-skirt plays a vital part. It transforms the looks and appeal of even an elderly Indian woman in a neat and admirable manner. The charm is magnified more when the garment is worn properly.

A modern woman looks elegant and neat in a Saree or Gopi-skirt .

Tradition and modernity apart, the garment has been and will continue to remain an elegant Indian women's wear. With modern techniques and clever insights the garment would continue to have an impact of its own.

Saree or Gopi skirt is not only popular in India, but all over the world

Today many people from around the world are visiting holy places in India and are adapting to this timeless tradition
style or fashion. Gopi-skirt or lengha look very much like a Saree but much easier to wear.
These gopi skirt dresses come in verities of styles,
designs and fabrics which makes them appropriate for many occasions . These can be worn for weddings, parties, temple programs, kirtan yoga, belly dancing, at
home, you name the occasion and there is a gopi-skirt dress for you!